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MOSQUITO and TICK Controls are now available starting at $89.99 !


  • Mosquito Barrier  -  is an all natural Garlic spray.  A mosquitoes' sense of smell is much more powerful than ours and the smell of garlic (although imperceptible to us after a few hours ) simply repels them away from the area.  This product starts at $ 89.99 + HST per application and will last approximately 3-5 weeks depending on the amount of rain we get.  We recommend 4 applications over the course of the season.


  • Tick Control  -  is an insecticide.  It will not keep the insects away but will kill them if they come in contact with anything that has been treated.  This product starts at $ 129.99 + HST per application and will last up to 90 days.  We recommend at least 2 applications per season.


Each of these applications will cover 4,000 ft2  or 400 m2 .  More than enough to cover the area around the house and back patio. 


If you wish to have both types of applications done at the same time we can offer them at  $ 89.99 + HST each.


Enjoy your backyard all season long!  Aside from being a nuisance, mosquitoes pose a number health hazards such as West Nile and Zika.  Ticks can also spread harful diseases to your pets such as lime disease.


Protect Your Family and Pets From Mosquitoes and Ticks!

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