Kollegiate Lawn Care


Reduces salt damage.


In the winter when rock salt or other ice-melting chemicals are used, they inevitably get into the lawns.


When excessive salt gets into the lawn, the salt damages the soil by displacing other key elements needed by the lawn.  The use of Gypsum allows the salt to leach away into the sub-soils below the roots of the lawn, rendering it harmless.


Gypsum also neutralizes the mineral salts in pet urine, resolving odors and preventing lawn damage (dog spotting).


Gypsum aids in the physical repair of dense and hard clay soils and It allows for deeper water and root penetration.  


Benefits Gypsum

  • Protects and repairs grass damage from salt
  • Supplies available sulfur and calcium
  • Loosens tight clay and compacted soil
  • Improves soil moisture retention



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