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Slit Seeding - Lawn Renovation

This is a great way to renovate tired looking lawns and thicken thin turf for a plusher-looking lawn.

Slit seeding is achieved by a machine that creates small ΒΌ inch slits in the soil through existing turf. The seeds are then dropped directly into the slits to create a very high rate of seed to soil contact. Seed is distributed in a uniform fashion across the lawn and has a much higher germination rate than broadcasting.

Required After care for slit seeding

Grass seed requires moist soil to germinate into grass plants. It can take up to a month for all of the new seed to germinate and get established. A newly seeded lawn needs to be lightly watered daily in order to ensure good establishment. The newly germinated seeds have tiny, shallow roots and will die quickly if the water supply runs out.

Benefits of Slit seeding

  • Seeds come into direct contact with the soil = better germination rate
  • Quick germination process
  • Fills in thin areas in the lawn without damaging existing turf
  • Cost effective compared to laying down new sod
  • Multiple seeds can be mixed for your specific lawn needs


The slitseeder                 It drops the seeds            And newly planted                               Slit Seeder

creates small slits in     directly into the slits.       seeds germinate.

the soil.

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