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Core and Liquid Aeration


Makes it easier to have a great lawn


Benefits of Aeration

  • Reduces watering requirements
  • Reduce thatch with regular aeration. Thatch is a natural breeding ground for insects and disease. The oxygen getting through the thatch layer will naturally reduce the thatch, therefore, making your lawn less prone for insects and disease.
  • Reduces soil compaction. The compaction is relieved and the roots have room to spread out. Moisture and oxygen penetrate deeper, encouraging deeper root growth.
  • Better fertilizer efficiency. With aeration the fertilizer is more effective.


The most important time for root growth is in the fall when there is little competition from weeds and heat stress.


We can help by aerating your lawn once in the spring and again in the fall.


Core Aeration


Benefits of Core Aeration

  • Core aeration works by pulling out plugs of soil, relieving compaction and breaking down the thatch layer.
  • When we aerate your lawn, we also spread seed on the weak areas. The exposed soil (cores & holes) help with seed germination.  This will thicken grass under trees and will improve your lawn overall.
  • The soil cores will break down and add nitrogen back into the lawn naturally.





Liquid Aeration


Don't like the mess of waiting for dirt cores to break down?  Worried about your sprinkler system lines?  Is you back lawn inaccessible by large aerating machines?


We now offer Liquid Aeration


A liquid aeration involves applying a natural solution to the lawn that increases oxygen levels at the roots and enables water to access the soil at a deeper level.  


Liquid aeration permeates through the top of the soil and creates channels to allow nutrients and oxygen to penetrate, promoting root growth and allowing them to expand.  This also reduces soil compaction, improves nutrient and moisture absorption, and increases overall strength of your lawn to deal with the impact of winter. 


This is an organic, non-toxic, pet safe, biodegradable liquid aerator.


 Benefits of a Liquid Aeration: 

  • The solution penetrates to 5-6" where mechanical core is at best 3". 
  • There are no concerns regarding the marking of sprinkler heads or invisible fences as damage cannot occur. 
  • Hills, slopes, tight corners and other inaccessible areas are no problem as a liquid aeration will cover every inch of your lawn.
  •  A liquid aeration can even be applied to new sod or freshly seeded lawns without damage. 
  •  Best of all, no cores of soil all over the lawn for the next 2-3 weeks.



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