Kollegiate Lawn Care

Broadleaf Weed Control


DandelionsSince 2010 we have used an iron based product to control weeds, it was

recommended that there be 2 applications of weed control done approximately

1 month apart.


To ensure good results we found that to be inadequate, we now apply the product on

a monthly basis. The active ingredient is iron. Broadleaf weeds absorb the iron

differently than the turf which means when we apply Fiesta (iron) the turf grass is

not affected by it and only the weeds will be controlled. This is a contact herbicide

and is applied after the weeds have emerged. This is a very effectivve product and

you should be seeing results within a week. 


In addition to this, we have changed how we fertilize and are seeing improved

result through nutrient management.


                                                                                             It is recommended to wait 24 hours before cutting, if for some reason after cutting

                                                                                             your lawn twice you see no reduction in weeds, please call.





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