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Proper fertilizing practices are an essential part in maintaining healthy turf, especially with the restrictions and province wide pesticide ban. There is more weed presence in the lawns and there is also a greater chance of insect damage occurring. However, with proper fertilizing practices, along with aerating, topdressing and seeding, these pests will be kept to a minimum. Correct agronomic programs are essential in producing healthy turf.


Many new products are continuously being introduced to the lawn care industry. We are constantly thriving to improve so we have been dedicated to studying and testing these new alternatives for many years.


Our programs are based on a study of soils. For many years Kollegiate Lawn Care has been utilizing Organic and Organic based fertilizers. Low quality fertilizers cost considerably less but can cause problems with the soil. It is very important to apply the right amount of nutrients and micro nutrients at the right time of the year to maximize the plant health and choke out weeds. Applying the wrong amount just once at the wrong time of the year can upset the growth potential of the turf and cause disease, high salt content or even burning. It takes professionals with experience and education to know the proper amount and when it is the proper time. We also keep an eye on the weather conditions and the degree days so we know when to apply our products to get the maximum benefit.


Growing a healthy lawn requires a complete fertilizer and micro nutrient program. We must also improve the soil structure. The most common problem with the lawns is the lack of air in the soil. This prevents water from penetrating to the roots, therefore it is recommended to aerate annually. This allows oxygen, water and nutrients to flow evenly into the soil which promotes deeper roots and reduces watering needs.


Along with lawn fertilizing, Kollegiate Lawn Care also offers Topdressing and Seeding. We have been testing and improving this service for many years and have found an excellent product and an efficient way to do the repairs.


The three main components in fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.



Stimulates the production of chlorophyll, which results in desirable dark, green grass. Nitrogen also boosts the growth of shoots, leaves, and roots.



is good for rooting. It plays a big role in the overall growth.



increases plant vigor and stress resistance, helping it withstand adverse weather, insect and disease damage.


Micro-Nutrients such as iron and manganese

are added when needed to help produce greener, healthier leaves.